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Dr Martin Baxmann Lean Orthodontics Simply Everything That Makes You Successful

The first book in the LeanOrthodontics® series.

You will learn the basic concept of LeanOrthodontics® and the origin of lean management and how it can be optimally applied to the practice structure in orthodontics.

It quickly becomes clear that management, clinical knowledge and orthodontic craftsmanship have to mesh like cogs in order to withstand the pressure of large companies today and at the same time continue to keep an eye on the satisfaction of patients, employees and bosses. And not just to raise expectations, but to exceed them.

Here you will find a path to the success of your practice.

The first purely clinical book in the LeanOrthodontics® series.

Systematically, the clinical routine begins with the patient’s first appointment. What needs to be prepared? How does the communication take place? How can a top first impression be made and will it be sustained? Let yourself be inspired and motivated by the casual and relaxed style of narration. With directly applicable tips, you can get started tomorrow.

The second purely clinical book in the LeanOrthodontics® series: Diagnostics

How can you perform diagnostics quickly and efficiently? What do you really need for planning and what is forensically necessary to treat safely? You will learn how to get the most important criteria for your planning in seconds with the 5S ModelAnalysis®. You will find that once you have done LeanCephAnalysis®, you will never go back to analyses that only confuse you and steal your precious time. You learn to work really lean, but always with the essential in mind: The best possible planning and treatment for completely satisfied patients and top trained teams.

The third purely clinical book in the LeanOrthodontics® series: Case Planning.

In the age of artificial intelligence, we need to upgrade intellectually to keep up. The good thing is: we still have time to do so! Now you can learn to think like artificial intelligence with Dr. Baxmann’s ABCD-System®, only faster and more variable, because your brain is capable of amazing feats. With this easy-to-understand concept, we use the best of three worlds:

  • case-based knowledge (comparative experience)
  • rule-based knowledge (how-to guidelines)
  • expert knowledge (scientific evidence)

At last, orthodontic decision making is systematic and logical, so that everything suddenly makes sense or can be exposed as nonsense. From now on, plan and decide quickly, efficiently, safely and correctly.

Leanorthodontics Ultimate Practice Book Series

The ultimate practice book series for excellent orthodontics: ABCD-System® Clinical Cases

This comprehensive illustrated book focuses on case-based learning, which was introduced in volume three as one of the pillars of orthodontic learning and decision-making. The theoretical knowledge of volume III is now vividly complemented with countless pictures. Words become pictures and pictures become cases that are vivid and easy to understand.

Not only the most beautiful cases are shown, but also cases where decisions had to be changed because there were special features or deviations. A concrete image of reality is shown with simple and strong solutions. Away from first-person orthodontics and cases for presentations and social media. Towards reproducible success in everyday life, which is so crucial.

The fourth purely clinical book in the LeanOrthodontics® series: Multiband

Even in the age of aligners, where apparently everything can be treated with plastic splints, we still know that the multiband appliance is still the standard treatment method for most malocclusions or at least the safest medium. But the frequent criticism that fixed appliances have to be worn for several years is no longer valid. Efficient methods, such as LeanOrthodontics®, make it possible, with precise planning and correct execution, that hardly any case requires Multiband for longer than 18 months. Without having to fear major side effects. Hereby you learn to work successfully and safely, simply by concentrating on the essentials and eliminating everything unnecessary.

Lean Orthodontics Dr Baxmann Cookbook Volume V


Perhaps you are one of those who say: “There can be no such thing as an orthodontic cookbook!” And yet at this moment you are a little curious to see what will follow and whether your prejudice will be confirmed. But perhaps you are one of the many people who have always thought: “If only there was a cookbook in orthodontics, how much easier and better would my orthodontic life be?” The CookBook® offers you a concept that you can adopt 1:1 if you wish. But it is also a concept that allows you a more efficient way of thinking and practicing that is universal and at the same time maximally customizable.

“Let´s bring the science back to clinical orthodontics!”

Is LeanOrthodontics® really evidence based? Or is it just a summary of clinical flaws of one single clinician?

This book gives you the answer. 

But it is more than that. It is a very helpful tool if you are a student and want to learn for your exams. It includes an extensive reading list of great articles. It is a guide for every clinician for a sound decision-making process, based on the best possible knowledge, available at the present time of the publication of this book.

Dr Martin Baxmann Lean Orthodontics 9 En

This book in the LeanOrthodontics® series helps you target your favorite patients: Online Marketing

Without online marketing, you are invisible to your patients. Throwing money at expensive marketing agencies just because they think they know every industry is not the answer. We orthodontists know who our patients are and where we can find them. But picking them up appropriately and using optimal methods is another matter. Here you will learn how to make your marketing successful. Which measures work best and how to implement them in a targeted and sustainable way. From the website to social media to corporate language and storytelling. The fact alone that every book in this series became an Amazon bestseller in the first week of publication is proof enough that we know what we are talking about.

Orthodontics books by Dr. Martin Baxmann – revolutionary approach in orthodontics

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The Complete Guide to Orthodontics: Dr. Martin Baxmann’s Comprehensive Orthodontics Book

If you are looking for a comprehensive and informative orthodontics book, you should definitely take a look at Dr. Martin Baxmann’s Guide to orthodontics.

This orthodontics book is an indispensable tool for anyone involved in orthodontics, whether as a patient or a specialist. With this book, you get access to a wealth of information on the subject, including the latest trends and technologies in orthodontics.

The orthodontics books are written in a detailed and understandable manner and includes helpful diagrams, illustrations, and photos to help you better understand the concepts and techniques. Overall, “The Complete Guide to orthodontics” is a great orthodontics book that is super useful for anyone involved in it – be it hobby or profession.

Orthodontics Book – Comprehensive ortho textbooks by Dr. Martin Baxmann

If you are interested in orthodontics, we recommend the comprehensive ortho textbooks by Dr. Martin Baxmann. These books are characterized by their clear language and the immediate applicability of the content, so that you can directly implement what you have learned. In addition, the prices are fair and make you want to learn more and more about the subject.

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The Science Behind Orthodontics – An Essential orthodontic textbook by Dr. Martin Baxmann

Want to learn more about the science behind orthodontics? The orthodontic textbook by Dr. Martin Baxmann are an excellent choice for you.

In this essential orthodontics book, you will find extensive information that will help you understand the theory behind orthodontics and its applications. It is a recommended book for anyone who wants to study or practice orthodontics.

In addition, the book is also suitable for people who just want to learn more about the subject.

If you are looking for other orthodontics books, you should definitely take a look at the orthodontics books by Dr. Martin Baxmann.